About Me

Hey, I’m Tom-Lucas Säger

I’m a Creative Technologist and Interaction Designer from Hamburg, Germany. Working for clients from a variety of different fields. I create code webpages, apps and other digital products. I’m specialised in Conversational User Interfaces, like Alexa or the Google Assistant. I worked with Spark-AR to create Augmented Reality experiences for Instagram. My skills include all the common creative tools like the Creative Cloud, Blender or Final Cut, but also coding skills in JavaScript (Vue.js, node.js), Python and other web-development areas. I worked and hacked with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi in the past. Currently working in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Find me on GitHub here. I’m a contributor for the the ml5.js JavaScript library. Which offers an open approach to Machine Learning for everyone.

I did my Bachelor and currently pursuing my Masters degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. The subject of my Bachelor thesis was Digital Detox, addicted by Design? The full thesis can be found here (german only).