aiXdesign is an ongoing project, that explores the intersection of Design and Artificial Intelligence. Started in late 2020, as a research project, it soon became a platform for exchange on the topic, by a number of stakeholders from the field. In early 2021, we organised bi-weekly talks, with speakers like Refik Anadol, Caroline Sinders or Andreas Refsgaard. Full list below. The talk series was accompanied by an interview everyone could take. The latest iteration of aiXdesign is the Creative-Kitchen.


Complex algorithms, incorporating big data collections, are increasingly taking on tasks that would have been almost inconceivable just a short time ago. We are undergoing another digital transformation: Big Data, Machine Learning and other artificial intelligence methods are becoming part of many products and services. AI is also increasingly becoming a part of design tools, which have always influenced the characteristics of the products and services they help to create. Therefore, the question of how design is influenced by AI and what impact AI-influenced design has on society is extremely relevant. Not only for designers and the creative industry, but the entire society. 


Designers and design users often do not understand what artificial intelligence even is and can mean for them and their work methodology. The fear of soon being replaced by artificial intelligence is as widespread as the defiant assertion that humans, especially in creative environments, will always remain irreplaceable. In contrast, it is fascinating how well pattern recognition and machine learning work and open up completely new possibilities in many areas of creative work. 


Driven by increasingly powerful computers and more complex algorithms, a new wave of innovation is currently building up, in which this time the entire process chain of design (inspiration,production, distribution) will be captured. How is the relationship between design and AI likely to evolve over the next 10 years? Which attitudes are possible? Which attitudes – from today’s perspective – are desirable and reasonable? What does the future of design look like? What does the design of the future look like? 


Full speaker list:

Andreas Muxel, (Un)friendly robots
Alsino Skowronnek, The Dirty Hands of the Machine
Patric Hebron, Driving R&D with Design
Christian Mio Loclair, TALK ABSTRACT
Felipe Sánchez Luna, Intelligent Music
Andreas Stiegler, Design, AI and Tech
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löwe, A Journey into Emotion-Centered Design
Andreas Refsgaard, Playful Machine Learning
Sophie Kleber, Ambient sentient
Caroline Sinders, A Feminist View On AI
Refik Anadol, Space In the Mind of a Machine