Hypernormalisation is interactive piece by Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl. I assisted him by coding the used application. Read the artist statement below:

Visitors of the Bürgeramt Arnsberg (administration office) are invited to have their portrait taken which in the following is analyzed by a face recognition software. In the next step the participants select an emoji to have their face ‘over-recognized’. The typical mark points of the face recognition (nose tip, left eyebrow, chin …) are replaced with the chosen emojis. Covered in large emojis the portrait becomes a mask, hiding the actual individual. The resulting picture is printed on site on A3+ photo paper for the participants to take home.

Kultursommer Arnsberg
02.08. – 13.08.21, hours 9:00 -15:00
Historisches Rathaus, Alter Markt 19, Arnsberg
Organized by Kulturbüro Arnsberg

Portrait: Nadja Buttendorf based on project Dragon Skin with Gloria Glitzer
Code: Tom-Lucas Säger
Invitation design: Melanie Schwarz
Title reference: Adam Curtis

Funded by:
Kultursommer Arnsberg
Kultursekretariat Gütersloh
Ministerium Kultur & Wissenschaft NRW