Not Made by Robots


Not Made by Robots is a collection that aims to bring the topic of artificial intelligence to as many artists and designers as possible. This collection gives an insight into the topic and ensures with a „hands-on approach“ that everyone can get their hands dirty in an easy way.

The collection offers four categories:


Here you can try out „artificial intelligence“. You will be given an easy introduction and you will also learn a bit of coding. But don’t be afraid!


What’s going on in the world of between design and AI, a Twitter bot provides you with daily news from the most important people and institutions in the field of AI & Design.


Here you will find background knowledge on the topic, what is supervised learning again, how does a GAN work? Soon you will be smarter!


The topic has hooked you and you want to run off free into the world of AI, then here are a few good starting points from which to begin your journey.

Not Made by Robots is a master’s thesis by Tom-Lucas Säger, it was created at the Department of Design at the University of Sciences Hamburg. Supervised by Prof. Dr. Michaela Diener and Prof. Peter Kabel. In collaboration with the research project aiXdesign.

Hamburg 2022

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