Public Pool


The Public Pool is a gathering place – for ideas, inspiration, the final push. This website was conceived to give different possibilities and instructions to become public. For all those with an urge, but without an idea of implementation. Through different filter functions at the edge of the pool, one has the possibility to find the ideal tool for oneself. Do you want to become public alone or in a group? Auditory or visual? How much money and skills do I need? Once you have selected these filters or simply been inspired by the overall list or the „Random“ button, you have the opportunity to look at the different tools for becoming public. After a short introduction as an explanation of the tool, the instructions follow, which are individually implemented in text, illustrations or other media. Finally, there is an explanation of possible risks and a list of examples via links to further sources.

The website itself is structured as a grid. The blue lines divide the homepage into individual tiles in which the tool names appear. When hovering, one gets a first impression of the header image of the respective tool.

Some of the tools may seem macabre, so tools like „Kidnap a famous person“ or „Set fire to a car“ are of course satirical and not instructions from us to perform the actions. The satire notice appears the first time the site is visited and must be confirmed by the visitor.

This website was originally conceived as a platform for exchange with the possibility of adding tools and thus creating a huge network of possibilities for becoming public.

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