Public Pool Release


The Public-Pool stream on Twitch on March 4, 2020 was our variant of going public and our fallback event, since our planned vernissage in the Aula Armgartstraße fell through due to Covid-19.

The stream was broadcast live on Twitch. It was hosted alternately by Stephan and Ronja, introducing the website, explaining individual tools and drinking wine. The content of the stream was individually adapted and recreated, as the originally planned exhibits could not simply be transferred to the digital space. Thus, promotional clips and how-to videos were shown. Influencer Channing Tommy Tom was joined via Skype, custom face filters for facial tattoos were shared. Finally, the show was hijacked on Twitch by a the Sekt-e and briefly taken over.

In the meantime, the stream had over 100 visitors, some of whom also joined another online video chat after the broadcast, in which the originally planned after-party escalated.