The streets are getting more and more crowded, more and more people need to get from A to B. Roads and streets were often not planned for this rush and are now groaning under the load. This often leads to gridlock, but also to confrontation among road users. Cyclists often get the short end of the stick in such a confrontation. It is therefore not surprising that accidents involving cyclists have risen sharply in recent years.
In more and more cases, such a situation ends fatally. To commemorate the deceased cyclists, so-called ghost bikes are set up. White bicycles, which are set up at the accident site to remind what happened here.
The installation is organized by committed citizens and is independent of organizations or associations. This page is intended to give an overview of where Ghost Bikes are located. It should be filled more and more and stand as a clear sign to politics that something has to change so that not more citizens have to die.

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